How will the One Zero-MT5-Interactive Brokers partnership be received?

Interactive Brokers

For years’ brokers have been striving to offer multiple asset classes to their clients.  Interactive Brokers has probably been the most successful at this and has been able to provide access to the most significant global exchanges. Offering this type of access is not simple and requires the broker to have numerous clearing and settlement systems. Many questions if there is a market for traders that are looking for everything.

The Dominate Trading Platform is Different for Assets

One of the issues that many brokers face is that with these different assets there is a different dominant trading platform. In Forex the retail market is dominated by MetaTrader 4. In Futures, the platform of choice is Trading Technologies X_Trader. For US Equities there are a variety of platforms like TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, and Lightspeed to name a few. Over the years’ traders have become familiar with these platforms in the respective asset classes.

Interactive Brokers in A Multi-Asset Partnership

The new partnership with One Zero, MetaTrader 5 and Interactive Brokers is assuming that traders will make a move from their previous platform to MT5. Traders from the various asset classes are not cut from the same cloth. An Emini futures trader might employee a very different trading style to a Forex Trader. The platforms themselves are designed for the assets and the traders of those assets.

Goals for MetaTrader 5

One of the goals of MetaTrader 5 was to make it a global asset platform and to graduate from just being a Forex Platform. MetaTrader 5 has not seen the same traction we saw with MT4, and that is most likely because it hasn’t had the connectivity to significant exchanges. Now with the One Zero and Interactive Brokers partnership, we will have to wait and see if traders are willing to cross over and trade other assets with a new platform.

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