How Playtech is Becoming the Dominant Player in Retail Forex



Over the past couple of years, one name that has been consistently in the news when it comes to forex broker acquisition has been Playtech. Playtech PLC is the brainchild of Teddy Sagi who originally got started in the online gaming business and is involved with some of the biggest names in gaming including Ladbrokes and Bet365. Playtech currently holds a market cap that is more than $900 Million.

Playtech on a Shopping Spree

Playtech has now set its sites on Forex Brokers and recently has been on a spree. The company started with an acquisition attempt at AVA Trade for $105 Million. The company was most noted for its acquisition attempt of Plus500 for over $700 Million. Teddy Sagi was forced to give up on the acquisition because they could not get the approval of the FCA the UK regulator. The gaming industry doesn’t have the best reputation and may have been part of the reason for the denial by FCA.

Acquisition of a Prime of Prime Broker

The company was successful in its recent addition of CFH Group for $120 Million. This acquisition is different in that CFH is a Prime of Prime and deals primarily with other retail brokers.

Adding to the List

The company also acquired a principal retail broker in also known as TradeFX. This deal was valued for over $400 Million and was approved by a less stringent in CySEC. This allowed Playtech to offer out its trading platform to all of its marketing brands.

Gaming and Technology Leading the Way

It is fascinating and telling that the dominant player in retail forex isn’t a bank or a fund but a gaming and technology company. What is it that a company like this see in the valuations of these companies? Will Playtech continue to seek out more acquisitions? Especially in such an uncertain regulatory environment.