Forex Market Outlook 2/18/19


EURUSD has traded sideways in the last session stochastic enters the positive area.

Crude oil has gained percent in three sessions up percent in the last session stochastic currently dwells in the overbought zone.

Bitcoin has edged up point 2 percent in the last session the ATR is signaling low volatility.

Gold has gained one-point two percent in the last two sessions the RSI settles in the positive area.


Three-month bill option at 16:30 GMT.

Japanese machinery orders at 23:50 GMT

South Korean trade balance at 2:00 GMT

Hungarian trade balance at 8:00 GMT

Russian producer price index at 13:00 GMT


Wall Street saw him some gains with the Dow and the Nasdaq posting their eighth consecutive gains.

Sterling shrugs off UK politics gaining points 6 percent after May’s humiliating defeat fails to impress investors.

EURUSD remained calm as the euro-zone trade surplus widened to EU are 15.6 billion matching the estimates.