Forex Market News 2/11/2019 Dollar Higher as Trade Talks Near

Us - China Trade War

Thursday the US delegation will travel to Beijing as and following last week’s comments by present Trump who said that he’s not going to meet and there are no plans to meet with President Xi before the March the first deadline. That dampen expectations that we could get a deal before that all-important deadline.

Another threat this week is the US government shutdown so all weekend there were talks between Republicans and Democrats to try to break the impasse, but those talks collapsed.

So, we could see another government shutdown by the end of the week if there’s no agreement between the two parties.

The euro though is struggling the German 10-year bond is approaching zero for the first time in two years ago heightened recession risk in the eurozone as well as the rest of the world.

On February 14 they will be discussing how to deal with the Brexit process given the deadlock at the moment the EU is saying that they’re not going to reopen re-negotiations.

The Aussie and the Kiwi last week both currencies suffered the Aussie on – RBA and New Zealand dollar on weak job numbers.