According to IG Markets Binary Options is now a Dirty Word

IG Markets

IG Markets says no to binary options

In yet another move demonstrating the complete disdain for binary options, IG Markets today announced they would no longer accept affiliates with the word binary options in them. Binary option affiliates will only be permitted from either the United States or Japan. All affiliates with the word binary options in the URL or that have binary options sections will need to remove any links to IG markets and will not receive payment for any referral traffic.




IG Markets Thinks Binary Options is a Dirty Word

IG Markets among other companies are desperately trying to distance themselves from other binary options brokers that have developed a damaged reputation over the past year. Binary Options has now become a word that symbolizes all that is wrong with derivatives trading.  It was only a few short years ago the binary options showed great promise. The popularity of binary options trading skyrocketed.  With the demand emerged many unscrupulous brokers that were all too willing to exploit on an uninformed and uneducated trading public.

Marketing the Regulator is Over

CySEC the Cyprus regulator became the home of many binary options brokers that either wholly ignored regulation or more than willing to pay fines instead of compliance.  Now it seems that on a weekly basis we see broker after broker being kicked out. The next move for many of these brokers will most likely be offshore, and abuses are almost certain to continue.

Bad Brokers are the Problem

Binary options are not the problem but the brokers that exploited their simplicity and abused their clients are.  These brokers did not only do damage to the binary options industry but have also impacted regulations on FX and CFD brokers. Paying for the past sins of binary options brokers is just one issue that faces forex and CFD brokers going forward. Legitimate brokers must now regain the confidence of the trading public and recapture their good name