<p style=”” class=”text-align-justify”>As mentioned earlier <a href=”https://www.forexlive.com/news/markets-go-back-to-the-regular-scheduled-programming-20220923/” target=”_blank”>here</a>, markets are going back to the regular scheduled programming after the major headlines from yesterday. The dollar is up across the board and pushing to fresh highs on the day now with GBP/USD down 1.5% to below 1.1100, even after the UK announced a massive fiscal package to try and bolster growth conditions.</p><p style=”” class=”text-align-justify”>Elsewhere, EUR/USD is down 0.9% to 0.9740 while USD/CAD is up 0.4% to above 1.3500, going in search of a test of its 61.8 Fib retracement level at 1.3651 next:</p><p style=”” class=”text-align-justify”>AUD/USD is also down 1.1% to 0.6565 as key technical support cracks under the pressure of the surging greenback.</p><p style=”” class=”text-align-justify”>This comes as markets are returning back to the sell everything mood again, with equities falling further on the day. S&P 500 futures are down 0.9% while European indices are down 1.0% to 1.4% across the board. Meanwhile, bonds are also not spared following the surge higher in UK yields. 10-year Treasury yields are now up 6 bps to 3.765% as the rout from yesterday carries over.</p><p style=”” class=”text-align-justify”>In the commodities space, gold is down 0.9% to $1,656.13 while oil is down over 2% to $81.63 at the moment.</p>

This article was written by Justin Low at forexlive.com.