The major US stock indices are closing sharply higher on the day. That’s good news. The not so good news is that for the week they are all lower.For the NASDAQ and S&P index the index closed lower for the 6th consecutive week. For the Dow industrial average fell for the 7th consecutive week. The final numbers for the day are showing:Dow industrial average up 466.36 points or 1.47% at 32196.67S&P index up 93.81 points or 2.39% at 4023.90NASDAQ index up 434.05 points or 3.82% at 11805.01Russell 2000 up 53.28 points or 3.06% in 1792.66For the trading week:Dow industrial average fell -2.14%S&P index fell -2.40%NASDAQ index fell -2.81%.From all time highs:Dow industrial average is down -12.87%. The low the index was down -15.49% from the all-time high to the site below.S&P index is down -16.49%. At the low the index was down -19.92%, just short of the bear market level at -20.0%NASDAQ index is down -27.18%. At the low this week the index was down -31.48%.